About Us

Sanaui incorporates moroccan traditional craftsmanship elements into modern design to carry or wear with pride. The brand blends the old and the new to create contemporary yet culturally rich pieces for your wardrobes.
Our collection celebrates artistry with a genuine appreciation for the heritage embedded in each piece using techniques that have been passed down through generations, and contributing to the authenticity of our crafts.
Sanaui supports fair trade practices that ensure artisans receive fair compensation for their work. We stand by the importance of preserving traditional crafts by valuing the skills and time invested by local artisans.
We use a variety of materials from locally sourced textiles to metals, wood, and leather combined with traditional techniques such as hand-weaving, hand-painting, and hand-carving ranging.
Each piece is unique and handmade with meticulous attention to detail characterized by intricate designs, rich textures and embroideries, vibrant colors that are the hallmark of our signature style that cultivate our legacy.