About Us

Sanaui mix superior craftsmanship and cultural heritage with elegant functionality, creating a fascinating concept with a unique signature style.

The designer,  Sanae is a Brussels-native, with parents originally from Tangier in Morocco. Her inspiration comes from her mixed background, she always was fascinated by sumptuous Moroccan architecture and wanted her collection to reflect her heritage in a subtle and elegant way. Working around the arches and mozaics elements to create her designs with a recognizable aesthetic.

From the thoughtfully constructed logo expressing a globe-trotter mindset and diversity, everything was meticulously created with the highest attention to details. The signature brass hardware, preciously handmade in Milan, like pieces of jewellery, versatile and timeless.

She worked hands-on with masters artisans in Florence, in a hidden gem atelier who has been manufacturing leather goods for some of the most prestigious houses for decades. They were excited to embark on this challenge of bringing to life an unusual vision of ancient crafts in highly handcrafted handbags that tell her story in the most refine way.

Sanaui's bag are a suprising reflection of a rich historical influence into modern day accessories for the global women.