About Us

Sanaui is a mix of superior craftsmanship, cultural inspiration and elegant functionality , creating a fascinating concept of modern signature handbags and accessories.

Sanae, the designer, is a Brussels-native , originally from Tangier in Morocco. Her handbags balance unique details inspired by the famous moorish architecture. The arches and mozaics were the main elements she's visualised while drawing her first designs.

From the thoughtfully constructed logo expressing both, her diversity and her global vision, everything was meticulously made with the highest attention to details, including beautiful signature hardware, handmade in Milan, that looks just like jewellery.

Working hands-on with experts artisans in Florence, who manufactures leather goods for several luxury houses, her bags are finely handcrafted to translate her contemporary vision of sumptuous eclectic influence while keeping functionality in mind. Combining innate talent and a passion for high-quality handmade pieces, Sanae’s handbags are lovingly conceived to become classics with an edge.